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The list of popes used in the 19th century to represent them in mosaics at Saint Paul outside the Walls in Rome considers that the end of the pontificate of John XV was, for 4 months and 12 days, carried out by another pope called John XVI. The current list considers that this pope Jean XV-bis did not exist and it is advisable not to use the imaginary portrait of the pope named Ioannes XVI in the basilica. Everything shifts afterwards. The one showing John XVII (Ioannes XVII) illustrates the current Antipope John XVI (he was considered legitimate at the time). For the current Popes John XVII, John XVIII and John XIX, the medallions showing Ioannes XVIII, Ioannes XIX and Ioannes XX must also be used successively. Everything is back to normal with John XXI. The proofs of all that is asserted here are to be sought in the images of Saint Paul's Basilica visible on the site html Sumenol (kontak) 13:52, 20 November 2022 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

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