Until further notice is given, no further bots will be approved. The general consensus is that the number of active bots (about 9 - total of 20 approved bots), compared to the number of articles (94 687) and the number of active and semi-active users (about 20-30) is more than sufficient. Please stop running your bot. We will notify you if and when the situation changes. Thank you. Anrie 10:34, 15 Julie 2007 (UTC)

Blocking of bot's accountWysig

Your bot has been blocked for a period of one week: we cannot allow bots to run unflagged. This would be unfair to other users who have stopped running their bots after receiving a similar request (see above) to do so.

You might also want to check your bot, this last edit seems to be incorrect. Anrie 19:45, 25 Julie 2007 (UTC)

Hmm... the error seems to have been on my side. I reinstalled the font and is able to read the text just fine, now. Anrie 19:52, 25 Julie 2007 (UTC)