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*[[WINE]] maak dit moontlik om Windows programme op UNIX-tipe stelsels te loop.
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*[[Cygwin/X]] is a [[free software|free]] [[X11]] implementation running on top of Cygwin.
*[[MinGW]] is a [[free software|free]] port of the GNU development tools to Windows.
*[[DJGPP]] is a similar suite for DOS/Windows.
*[[Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX|Services for UNIX]] is a [[Microsoft]] product with similar capabilities to Cygwin; it has the advantage of speed, although it is not available for Windows XP Home, or older non NT-based versions of Windows.
* The [ UWIN] package allows UNIX applications to be built and run on Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95.
*[[Cooperative Linux|coLinux]] is a Cooperative Virtual Machine that runs Linux in Windows.
*[[KDE on Cygwin]]
*[[MKS Toolkit]]
*[[WINE]] allows Windows programs to run on UNIX-like systems.
==External links==
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*[ Cygwin pageblad] onop [[]]
*[ CYGNOME] = cygwin + [[GNOME]]
*[ KDE-cygwin] = cygwin + [[KDE]]
*[ unxutils] anden [ GnuWin32] - twotwee similarsoortgelyke projectsprojekte, portingwat Unix utilitiesnutsprogramme toomskakel vir Windows butmaar withoutsonder the'n [[emulation]] layerlaag.
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