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Uitleg van bronteks
(Uitleg van bronteks)
(Uitleg van bronteks)
'n '''Elektronskil''', ook bekend as 'n '''hoofenergievlak''', is 'n groep [[atoomorbitaal|atoomorbitale]] met dieselfde waarde as die [[kwantumgetal|hoofkwantumgetal]] ''n''. Elektronskille bestaan uit een of meer '''subskille''' of '''subvlakke''', wat twee of meer orbitale het met dieselfde hoekmomentum kwantumgetal van ''1''. Elektronskille maak saam die [[elektronkonfigurasie]] van 'n [[atoom]] uit.
== Hoeveelheid elektrone in elke skil ==
Daar kan getoon word dat die aantal [[elektron]]e wat in 'n skil gevind kan word gelyk is aan <math>2n^2</math>.
'''Electron subshells''' are identified by the letters s, p, d, f, g, h, i, etc., corresponding to the [[azimuthal quantum number]]s (''l''-values) 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. Each shell can hold up to 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22 and 26 electrons respectively, or 2(2''l'' + 1) electrons in each subshell. The notation 's', 'p', 'd', and 'f' originate from a now-discredited system of categorizing [[spectral line]]s as "sharp", "principal", "diffuse", or "fundamental", based on their observed [[fine structure]]. When the first four types of orbitals were described, they were associated with these spectral line types, but there were no other names. The designations 'g', 'h', and so on, were derived by following alphabetical order.
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