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| discovery = yes
| discoverer = [[Galileo Galilei]]
| discovered = [[7 Januarie]] [[1610]]<ref name="SidereusNuncius">{{cite web |last=Galilei |first=Galileo |url= |month=Maart |year=1610 |title=Sidereus Nuncius |coauthors=translated by Edward Carlos and edited by Peter Barker |format=PDF |publisher=University of Oklahoma History of Science |accessdate=2010-01-13}}</ref><ref name="Wright">{{cite web |last=Wright |first=Ernie |url= |title=Galileo's First Observations of Jupiter |format=PDF |publisher=University of Oklahoma History of Science |accessdate=2010-01-13}}</ref><ref name="NASA">{{cite web|url= |title=NASA: Ganymede | |date=2009-09-29 |accessdate=2010-03-08}}</ref>
| semimajor = 1&nbsp;070&nbsp;400&nbsp;km<ref name=orbit>{{cite web|title=Planetary Satellite Mean Orbital Parameters|publisher=Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology|url=}}</ref>
| eccentricity = 0,0013<ref name=orbit/>
81 594