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|Multi-rol vegter
|<ref>[ DefenceWeb - Gripens arrive at last].</ref><ref group="Note">9 Gripen D two-seaters and 17 Gripen single-seaters delivered 2008-2012, replacing [//[Atlas Cheetah|Atlas Cheetahs]].</ref><br />
|[[BAE Systems Hawk|British Aerospace Hawk]] Mk.120
|Opleiding / Ligte aanval
|<ref group="Note">All but first flight test and development aircraft built at Denel's factory at [//en[ Tambo Internasionale Lughawe|Johannesburg International Airport]].</ref>
|[[Pilatus PC-7|Pilatus PC-7 Mk.II]]
|Maritieme helikopter
|<ref group="Note">Operated from [//[Suid-Afrikaanse Vloot|South African Navy] [//] Valour class frigates].</ref>
|[[C-130 Hercules|Lockheed C-130BZ Hercules]]
|<ref group="Note">[// Avionics] upgrade under ''Project Ebb'' Completed March 2008. 4 inoperable due to funding issues.</ref>
|[[Douglas C-47 Skytrain|Douglas C-47TP Dakota]]
|<ref group="Note">Primarily used as [// VIP] transport.</ref>
|CASA C-212-200 & 300 Aviocar
1 440