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→‎No patience: nuwe afdeling
(→‎No patience: nuwe afdeling)
* [[Sokkerklubwêreldkampioene]]
The last 2 are not the only main article within the category they're a member of. So please check if it's as supposed to be. --[[Gebruiker:Sb008|Sb008]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Sb008|kontak]]) 14:44, 11 November 2018 (UTC)
== No patience ==
{{ping|JMK|Oesjaar|Sobaka}} Why do all of you have to jump on pages ([[Bewys deur oneindige afkoms ‎]] and [[Fermat se reghoekigedriehoekstelling]]) I'm still working on? I lost a lot of additional edits because while I was making those edits, pages were changed, and therefore I couldn't save my changes. I may not be able to write in Afrikaans, but I do understand math. And I can tell you both pages are far from done. Why not let me do my thing first and wait a day or so to make language changes? After all it's quite common not to butt in right away. For over a year none of you cared about those pages and if I can't get the respect to do my thing first without interference, I'm done here. No more help from me. Just one more tip. '''STOP''' translating pages with tools. It results in poor quality pages. Even the errors on source pages are translated as such. --[[Gebruiker:Sb008|Sb008]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Sb008|kontak]]) 20:14, 14 November 2018 (UTC)
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