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[[Lêer:Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu 1934.jpg|duimnael|Yang Jiang en Qian Zhongshu 1934]]
Sy is ook in Oktober 1986 die Burgerlike Orde van Alfonso X, die wyse ([[Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise]]) daarvoor, toegeken deur [[King Juan Carlos]].<ref>{{cite web|last=Li|first=Naiqing |script-title=zh:杨绛百年淑子映月泉清|url=|publisher=[[Sina Corp|Sina]]|accessdate=26 May 2016|language=Chinese|date=30 May 2011}}</ref> Haar suster Yang Bi ({{lang|zh-hant|楊必}}) (1922–1968) was ook 'n vertaler.
Haar ondervinding deur "hervorming deur arbeid" in 'n "[[cadre school]]" in Henan vanaf 1969 tot 1972 te , waar sy [[Down to the Countryside Movement|"gestuur is"]] met haar man tydens die [[Cultural Revolution]], het haar geïnspireer om ''Six Chapters from My Life 'Downunder''' (1981) te skryf.<ref>{{cite book|last1=Lévy|first1=André|title=Dictionnaire de littérature chinoise|date=2000|publisher=[[Presses Universitaires de France]]|location=Paris|isbn=9782130504382|pages=364–365|edition=1st|language=French}}</ref> Dit is hierdie boek waarmee sy naamgemaak het as skrywer in die post-Mao era.<ref name="Ying">Li-hua Ying, ''Historical Dictionary of Modern Chinese Literature'', The Scarecrow Press, 2010, p. 234.</ref><ref>{{Cite news| url= | work=[[The New York Times]] | title=The Re-Education Of A 'Stinking Intellectual' | first=Judith | last=Shapiro | date=25 November 1984}}</ref> In verband met hierdie memoir, het sy ook ''Soon to Have Tea'' geskryf ({{lang|zh-hant|將飲茶}}) (aka ''Toward Oblivion''), wat gepubliseer is in 1983.<ref>{{cite web|last1=Li|first1=Hongrui|title=Yang Jiang: A woman's legacy through words|url=|work=[[China Daily]]|accessdate=26 May 2016|date=26 May 2016}}</ref>
In 1988, she published her only novel ''Baptism'' ({{lang|zh|洗澡}}), which was always connected with ''Fortress Besieged'' ({{lang|zh-hant|圍城}}), a masterpiece of her husband.<ref>{{cite web |url= |script-title=zh:杨绛与钱锺书 |language=zh-hans |publisher=[[China Writers Association]] |date=28 July 2011 |accessdate=26 May 2016}}</ref> Her 2003 memoir ''We Three'' ({{lang|zh-hant|我們仨}}), recalled memories of her husband and her daughter Qian Yuan, who died of [[cancer]] one year before her father's death in 1998. At the age of 96, she published ''Reaching the Brink of Life'' ({{lang|zh-hant|走到人生邊上}}), a philosophic work whose title in Chinese clearly alludes to her late husband's collection of essays ''Marginalia to Life'' ({{lang|zh-hant|寫在人生邊上}}).<ref name="SCMP"/>
She turned 100 in July 2011.<ref name="Centenary">{{Cite news|last = Yang|first = Guang|title = At the margins of life|work = [[China Daily]]|date = 21 July 2011|url =|accessdate = 27 July 2011}}</ref> The novella ''After the Baptism'' ({{lang|zh-hant|洗澡之後}}), a coda to ''Baptism'', appeared in 2014. On 25 May 2016, Yang died at the age of 104 at [[Peking Union Medical College Hospital]] in Beijing.<ref name="WPost"/>
[[File:Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang in 1936.jpg|thumb|Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang in 1936]]
Contradicting a Chinese saying that it is impossible for a woman to be both a chaste wife and gifted scholar or talented artist, Qian once described Yang as “the most chaste wife and talented girl” in China.
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