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The first commercial implementation of a laser printer was the [[IBM]] [[IBM model 3800 laser printer|model 3800]] in [[1976]], used for high-volume printing of documents such as invoices and mailing labels. It is often cited as "taking up a whole room," implying that it was a primitive version of the later familiar device used with a [[personal computer]]. While large, it was designed for an entirely different purpose. Many 3800s are still in use.
[[Image:Pa 1977 9700-medium.jpg|leftlinks|duimnael|250px|leftlinks|Xerox 9700 laser printer (ca. 1977)]]
The first laser printer designed for use with an individual computer was released with the [[Xerox Star]] 8010 in [[1981]]. Although it was innovative, the Star was an expensive ($17,000) system that was only purchased by a small number of laboratories and institutions. After [[personal computer]]s became more widespread, the first laser printer intended for a mass market was the [[Hewlett-Packard|HP]] [[LaserJet]] 8ppm, released in [[1984]], using a [[Canon (company)|Canon]] engine controlled by HP software. The HP LaserJet printer was quickly followed by other laser printers from [[Brother Industries]], [[IBM]], and others.
== Steganographic anti-counterfeiting ("secret") marks ==
[[Image:Printermarkrp.jpg|duimnael|rightregs|Small yellow dots on white paper, generated by a color laser printer (scale: 0.1mm). Click for a larger image.]]
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Many modern color laser printers mark printouts by a nearly invisible dot [[raster]], for the purpose of identification.
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