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Van 2002 tot 2004 was Haitink Hoofdirigent van die [[Staatskapelle Dresden]]. Sy oorspronklike kontrak met Dresden het tot 2006 geloop, maar Haitink het voor die afloop daarvan in 2004 bedank oor verskille met die Staatskapelle se ''Intendant'', Gerd Uecker, betreffende die orkes se keuse van 'n opvolger.<ref> name="clark">{{cite news|url=|title=Bernard Haitink: unfinished symphony|work=Financial Times|author=Andrew Clark|date=22 October 2004|accessdate=5 Mei 2007|archive-url=|archive-date=2 Januarie 2013|dead-url=yes|df=dmy-all}}</ref>
[[File:London Barbican Hall LSO Haitink.jpg|thumb|280px|AtBy thedie [[Barbican Centre]] in LondonLonden withmet thedie [[LondonLonden Symphony Orchestra]]Simfonieorkes,2011]]
Haitink servedhet asvanaf principal1995 guesttot conductor2004 ofgedien as prinsipiële gas-dirigent van thedie [[Boston Symphony OrchestraSimfonieorkes]] fromtoe 1995hy todie 2004,nuwe whentitel hevan tookdirigent onemeritus theaangeneem new title of conductor emeritushet. InBykomend addition,hiertoe hehet hashy appearedsaam withmet l'[[Orchestre National de France]] anden thedie [[London SymphonySimfonieorkes Orchestra]]verskyn. In thedie earlyvroeë 2000s, hehet recordedhy thedie completevolledige simfoniese siklusse van [[Ludwig van Beethoven|Beethoven]] anden [[Johannes Brahms|Brahms]] symphonyopgeneem cyclesmet withdie theLonden LondonSimfonieorkes Symphonyvir Orchestra (LSO) for thedie LSO Live labelplate-etiket. Haitink is anook honorary'n memberhonorêre oflid van thedie [[BerlinBerliner PhilharmonicPhilharmoniker]].
In April 2006, after an acclaimed two-week engagement in March 2006 with the [[Chicago Symphony Orchestra]] (CSO), the CSO appointed Haitink to the newly created position of principal conductor, effective as of the 2006–2007 season.<ref>{{cite news|url= |archive-url= |dead-url=yes |archive-date=24 September 2015 |title=Symphony in good hands |work=Chicago Sun-Times |author=Andrew Patner |date=15 October 2006 |accessdate=21 April 2007 }}</ref> The duration of the contract was four years.<ref>{{cite news| url=|title=Arts, Briefly; Chicago Symphony: Conductors but No Music Director|work=New York Times|author=Daniel J. Wakin, |date=28 April 2006|accessdate=21 April 2007}}</ref> Haitink had declined an offer from the CSO to be music director, citing his age.<ref>{{cite news| url=|title=Bernard Haitink: I love power without responsibility|work=The Telegraph|author=Geoffrey Norris|date=9 April 2008| accessdate=10 September 2008}}</ref> With respect to this contract, Haitink stated that "every conductor, including myself, has a sell-by date."<ref>{{cite news |url=|title=A Jet-Setting Maestro Sets a Brisker Pace for Beethoven|work=New York Times|author=James R. Oestreich|date=6 October 2006|accessdate=21 April 2007}}</ref> He concluded his Chicago principal conductorship in June 2010 with a series of concerts of the complete Beethoven symphonies<ref>{{cite news | url=,CST-NWS-cso20.article | title=Haitink wraps up CSO tenure with revealing Beethoven's Ninth | work=Chicago Sun-Times | author=Andrew Patner | date=19 June 2010 | accessdate=2 July 2010 }}{{Dead link|date=August 2018 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}</ref> and being awarded the [[Theodore Thomas (conductor)|Theodore Thomas]] Medallion by the orchestra.<ref>{{cite press release | title=CSO Principal Conductor Bernard Haitink Receives Theodore Thomas Medallion for Distinguished Service | url= | publisher=Chicago Symphony Orchestra | date=21 June 2010 | accessdate=2 July 2010}}</ref>
Haitink has led master classes in conducting for young conductors in Lucerne for several years.<ref>{{cite news | url= | title=A masterclass with Bernard Haitink | work=The Guardian | author=[[Tom Service]] | date=2011-08-11 | accessdate=2014-10-04}}</ref> In June 2015, the [[European Union Youth Orchestra]] announced the appointment of Haitink as its conductor laureate, effective immediately.<ref>{{cite press release | url= | title=EUYO announces new conductors | publisher=European Union Youth Orchestra | date=2015-06-29 | accessdate=2015-09-03}}</ref> In June 2019, Haitink stated that his final concert as conductor is to be in September 2019, formalising his previously announced sabbatical into retirement.<ref>{{cite news | url= | title=Dirigent Bernard Haitink zet na 65 jaar een punt achter zijn carrière | work=De Volksrant | author=Guido van Oorschot | date=2019-06-12 | accessdate=2019-06-12}}</ref>
== Personal life ==
Haitink has five children from his first marriage to Marjolein Snijder.<ref name="Wroe"/> Haitink lives in West London with his fourth wife, Patricia Bloomfield, a barrister and former viola player in the Covent Garden Opera orchestra.<ref name="Wroe"/><ref>{{cite news | url= | title=The passion and pain of Bernard Haitink | work=The Guardian | author=Tom Service | date=22 September 2009 | accessdate=2 July 2010}}</ref><ref>{{cite news | url= | title='Een leven zonder dirigeren lijkt me vrij miserabel' | work=NRC Handelsblad | author=Mischa Spel | date=2017-02-12 | accessdate=2017-04-19}}</ref>
== Awards and honours ==
* Honorary [[Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire]] (UK, 1977)
* Honorary medal for Arts and Science of the [[Order of the House of Orange]] (Netherlands, 2000)
* Honorary [[Companion of Honour]] (UK, 2002)<ref>{{cite news| url=|title=Queen honours conductor Haitink|work=BBC news|date=9 July 2002|accessdate=21 April 2007}}</ref>
* Commander of the [[Order of the Netherlands Lion]] (Netherlands, 2017)<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=[nl] - Bernard Haitink promoted to Commander of the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands||language=nl-NL|access-date=2017-04-02}}</ref>
===Music Industry and Cultural===
*[[Gramophone Awards]] for his recordings in 1980 (Debussy orchestral works), 1985 (Mozart's [[Don Giovanni]] ), 1986 and 1990 (Vaughan Williams symphonies)
* [[Erasmus Prize]] (Netherlands, 1991)
* [[Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera]] (UK, 1996 and 2002)
* Award Vereniging van Schouwburg- en Concertgebouwdirecties (Netherlands, 2007)
* Musical America "Musician of the Year" (USA, 2007)
* [[Grammy Awards]] (USA, 2003 and 2008)
* [[Echo Klassik]] (Germany, 2013) regarding his recording of [[Gustav Mahler]]: Symphony No. 9 (BR-KLASSIK)
* [[Gramophone Awards]] Lifetime Achievement Award (United Kingdom, 2015)
* BBC Music Magazine Award 2018 "Recording of the Year" / "Orchestral Winner" regarding his recording of [[Gustav Mahler]]: Symphony No. 3 (BR-KLASSIK)
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