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|beeld=Lêer:Saab 340 G-LGNC IMG 3425 (11712072893).jpg
|byskrif=<center>Saab 340 operatedbedryf bydeur [[Loganair]] forvir [[Flybe]], gearonderstel upingetrek</center>
|vervaardiger=Saab AB
Under the production arrangement in which production was split 65:35 between Saab and Fairchild, Saab constructed the all-aluminium fuselage and [[vertical stabilizer]] along with final assembly of the aircraft in [[Linköping]], Sweden, while Fairchild was responsible for the [[wing]]s, [[empennage]], and wing-mounted [[nacelle]]s for the two turboprop engines. After Fairchild ceased this work in 1985, production of these components was transferred to Sweden.