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{{uitgevoer}} gebruiker is vir 3 maande geblokkeer weens sy spam-bladsye. --[[Lêer:Wapen van die Oos-Kaap.png|20px]] [[Gebruiker:Aliwal2012|Aliwal2012]] 13:24, 25 Julie 2020 (UTC)
What his intentions in creating those pages were I do not know, I only found [[Special:Diff/2112347|this]] preceding short, non-informative and not very AGF-like dialog about that. GerardM is an enthousiasticenthusiastic and prolific editor though, especially on Wikidata ([ link]) and I'm quite sure he does mean things well. Now that he has already been blocked, I'm not sure what role I could or should play in this matter. [[Gebruiker:Wutsje|Wutsje]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Wutsje|kontak]]) 23:04, 25 Julie 2020 (UTC)
:Read [ my blogpost] and you will get my point. Subjects in any Wikipedia can be supported with pictures in commons, data from Wikidata, publications thanks to Scholia. The objective of the Listeria lists is that I get a notion of what is supported in African languages. When you can select a place of birth for instance and have it linked to the right Wikidata item, you will not get false friends fir instance. When pictures in Commons are linked to a Wikidata item, you can find them when you search in Afrikaans.. Thanks, [[Gebruiker:GerardM|GerardM]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:GerardM|kontak]]) 08:22, 26 Julie 2020 (UTC)
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