Isaq Schrijver: Verskil tussen weergawes

'''Isaq Schrijver''' ([[floruit|fl.]] 1689 – 1705/06) was 'n [[Nederland]]se [[vaandrig]] en Suid-Afrikaanse ontdekkingsriesiger. Hy is gebore en getoë in [[Leiden]] maar beide sy ouers is gebore naby [[Aken]], Duitsland. Daar is baie min bekend oor sy opvoeding, hy was in 1667 'n seesoldaat.
In Februarie 1684 het Schrijver 'n verkenningsekspedisie gelei na [[Namakwaland]]. Hy was op daardie stadium 'n sersant in die ''Dutch East India Company'' en gebaseer in die [[Kaap van Goeie Hoop]]. Hulle het so ver gegaan as [[Garies]] en het monsters van [[koper]]erts na [[Kaapstad]] teruggebring.
Schrijver het ook gehelp met 'n bergings operasie van die ''Nossa Senhora dos Milagros'' wat op rotse geloop het op die nag van 16 April 1686 by [[Struisbaa]].
In February 1684, Schrijver, then a sergeant in the [[Dutch East India Company]] and stationed at the [[Cape of Good Hope|Cape]], headed a reconnaissance expedition into [[Namaqualand]]. They went as far north as [[Garies]] and brought back samples of copper ore to [[Cape Town]].
Schrijver was involved in salvage operations of the ''Nossa Senhora dos Milagros'' which had run aground on the night of 16 April 1686 at [[Struisbaai]] near [[Cape Agulhas]]. This was a Portuguese vessel with 150 crew, commanded by Don Emmanual Da Silva, en route from [[Goa]] to [[Portugal]] and bearing [[diplomatic gift]]s from [[Narai]], King of [[Siam]] to [[Peter II of Portugal|Pedro]], King of Portugal, [[Louis XIV]] of France and [[Charles II of England]]. Also aboard were three Siamese ambassadors who were left to fend for themselves by the crew. Two were found in a desperate state a month after the wreck, the third having succumbed.<ref>[ Inleiding en Inhoud Opgawe - Claassens Tesis.PDF<!-- Bot generated title ]</ref> [[Simon van der Stel]] sent a party consisting of lieutenant Olof Bergh, Isaq Schrijver and others to salvage what they could. Very little of any value was returned to the governor, but rumours of theft of the treasure soon started circulating, substantiated by the attempted sale of items to Cape Town residents and the unearthing in Olof Bergh's garden of a box holding objects from the wreck. Bergh later confessed to the theft and alleged that van der Stel himself was involved. Bergh was sentenced to three and a half years on [[Robben Island]] while Schrijver was cleared of any wrongdoing.