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//Hu-!gais.— This is the name by which Cape Town is known wherever the Khoikhoi tongue is spoken. This name consists of two words, llhū the root of a verb, meaning “to condense,” hence ||//hū-s, an old word for cloud, the word is still used; Ilhūs is also a game, and especially the game where Gurikhoisib, who is also called Eixalkha||//nabiseb, or lightning, loses all his copper beads. This is metaphor; and (hūs or the shūs game is the game, battle, or fight in the clouds—the thunderstorm. In the thunderstorm (Eixalkha||//nabiseb loses the lightning, which falls down to the earth; !gai is to bind, to surround, to tie, to envelop. Hu-!gais consequently means “ veiled in clouds.” And, indeed, every inhabitant of Cape Town will admit that this is a very significant name for “ Table-mountain.” We still say, if the clouds envelop the top of “Table-mountain,” he has his “tablecloth” on.
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