Wikipedia:Navraagafdeling/Taal: Verskil tussen weergawes

:We really appreciate it.
:''Ondervind'' is the '''verb''', in the context above [quite literally]: "Brand/logo recognition and other reactions are elicited by the collective experiences which the users ofare '''experiencing''' with the particular product or service". areIn short, PR stuff: if the public is satisfied with the product or service, the logo will make the public happy. Personally, I don't agree with the sentence above, as the personal experience differs from individual to individual. And, if someone had a history with a particular bank (as I'm having one now, at the moment due to their own incompetence), others might favour the logo, but I don'experiencing''t. So, if I stop using the product or service, am I automatically excluded? Don't "worry: semantics...
:''Ervaringe'' is the plural form of the '''noun''', ''ervaring'', in the context above: "the '''experiences''' of the users of the particular product or service".
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