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→‎Image tool: nuwe afdeling
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(→‎Image tool: nuwe afdeling)
* Currently 81.71% of the MediaWiki messages and 46.10% of the messages of the extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation projects have been localised. Please help us help your language by localising and proof reading at [[betawiki:Special:LanguageStats/{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}|Betawiki]]. This is the [[betawiki:Special:Special:RecentChanges&namespace=8&trailer=%2F{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}|recent localisation activity]] for your language. Thanks, [[Gebruiker:GerardM|GerardM]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:GerardM|kontak]]) 09:10, 14 Desember 2008 (UTC)
==Image tool==
Hey folks! We have a new convenient image tool, called ''Images for bio''. Take a look [ here]. What you do is you press the "add" button (I usually do that in another windonw) and the af.article will be displayed in edit mode, with the image inset. Press the preview button and add extra information on picture, if wanted (like byline), and then press save (or press save right away, if you're sure). On the Images for bio page, press "Mark as done or useless" after you've added it – it'll remove it from the list as done. A very nice tool, for sure (: --[[Gebruiker:EivindJ|Eivind]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:EivindJ|kontak]]) 10:07, 16 Desember 2008 (UTC)
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