Verskil tussen weergawes van "Gebruikerbespreking:Anrie"

Finish, please, my request about account usurpation (SUL) in the bottom of [[Gebruikerbespreking:Alias#Account usurpation|this page]]. --[[Gebruiker:Jackie-new|Jackie-new]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Jackie-new|kontak]]) 15:00, 16 Maart 2009 (UTC)
:You'll notice I ''did'' reply to the request. Since I've not heard back from the original user, I am reluctant to rename either one of you. [[Gebruiker:Anrie|Anrie]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Anrie#top|kontak]]) 15:29, 16 Maart 2009 (UTC)
:: But target account inactive about 1.5 year and no any edits. How long you will wait for an answer? :) I would like to work in af-wiki too. And I will not oppose undo usurpation during one year from rename. --[[Gebruiker:Jackie-new|Jackie-new]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Jackie-new|kontak]]) 09:43, 18 Maart 2009 (UTC)