Verskil tussen weergawes van "Gebruikerbespreking:SpesBona"

:There is no problem, because there is only one article about the Western Sahara like the other [[Lys van omstrede gebiede|omstrede gebiede]] [[Cabinda (provinsie)]], [[Kosowo]], [[Palestynse Grondgebiede]], [[Puntland]], [[Somaliland]] or [[Turkse Republiek van Noord-Siprus]]. If you have trouble with the article about the Western Sahara, then you should write the article about the Western Sahara Republik. -- [[Gebruiker:JCIV|JCIV]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:JCIV|Besprekings]] | [[Spesiaal:Bydraes/JCIV|Bydraes]]) 19:36, 19 Julie 2010 (UTC)
::Since the article you're contributing on is about <u>Western Sahara</u>, not the <u>SADR</u>, please keep it about the same subject.
::It is absolutely illogical to ask somebody to create an article about the SADR while putting information about the SADR on the WS article, not? Please... we're not idiots...
::-- [[Gebruiker:Omar-Toons|Omar-Toons]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Omar-Toons|kontak]]) 19:55, 8 Augustus 2010 (UTC)