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:Here at af:wp there is only one article about the Western Sahara, like the other ones from [[Lys van omstrede gebiede]]. -- [[Gebruiker:JCIV|JCIV]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:JCIV|Besprekings]] | [[Spesiaal:Bydraes/JCIV|Bydraes]]) 09:36, 17 Julie 2010 (UTC)
::Then, you can talk about both claims/claimers, but that is not what you are doing since you are only putting SADR's information on the WS article.
::I reverted your edit per WP:NPOV
::-- [[Gebruiker:Omar-Toons|Omar-Toons]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Omar-Toons|kontak]]) 19:59, 8 Augustus 2010 (UTC)