Verskil tussen weergawes van "Gebruikerbespreking:SpesBona"

::::Dude! I'm talking about the article and you're talkiing about my user page? Are you serious?
::::Btw, on en:wiki and, I'm participating with a NPOV, even for Western Sahara (despite my POV), Palestine (despite my POV) or Taiwan (and there are too many others): All these territories are in dispute and claimed by more than one government, then putting information of one side of the dispute without the one of the other side is clearly POV. I revert all POVs, even the ones agreeing with my opinions, but you don't seem to be able to do so.
::::Read the <u>TITLE</u>: "Wes Sahara", <u>then it describes the territory known as Western Sahara</u>, nie die Sahrawi Republiek nie. Is it too hard to understand?
::::-- [[Gebruiker:Omar-Toons|Omar-Toons]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Omar-Toons|kontak]]) 16:52, 9 Augustus 2010 (UTC)