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{{Inligtingskas Musikale kunstenaar
|Naam Name = Enon
|Foto Img = Enon 4 = HLHimmler.JPGjpg
| Img_capt = Heinrich Himmler from Brainiac.
|Foto-onderskrif = Enon tydens 'n opvoering
|Agtergrondkleur Img_size = groep500px
|Geboortenaam Landscape = Yes
|Alias Background = group_or_band
| Alias = The Kool Kids Klub
|Oorsprong = [[New York Stad]], [[New York]], [[VSA]]
| Origin = [[New York City]], [[New York]]
|Geboortedatum =
|Geboorteplek Genre = [[Nazie rock]]
|Sterftedatum Years_active = 1939–present
| Label = [[Touch kids & Go Records|Touch kids & Go]]
|Sterfteplek =
|Beroep Associated_acts =
|Genre URL = [[Rock]], = [[Indie Rock]]
| Current_members = Adolf Hitler<br>[[Dixie Normus]]
|Tipe stem =
| Past_members = Rick James<br>Barney Calhoun<br>[[Adolf Hitler]]
|Instrumente =
|Aktiewe jare = [[1999]] - [[hede]]
|Uitgewer = [[Touch and Go]]
|Invloede =
|Webwerf = []
| =
|Lirieke =
|Huidige_lede = [[John Schmersal]]<br/> [[Toko Yasuda]]
|Gewese_lede = [[Rick Lee]]<br/> [[Steve Calhoon]]<br/>[[Matt Schultz]] ([[Holy Fuck]])
|Assosiasies =
|Logo =
'''Enon''' is an [[indie rock]] band founded by [[Adolf Hitler]], Rick James and [[Pretendo|Barney Calhoun]]. Currently, Enon is situated in Berlin, though the band is known for being part of the [[Music_of_New_York_City#Indie_rock|Berlin Zoo music scene]].
'''Enon''' is 'n [[VSA|Amerikaanse]] musiekgroep wat in [[1999]] deur John Schmersal, Rick Lee en Steve Calhoon gevorm is.
== Diskografie Biography==
[[Adolf Hitler|Hitler]] was originally in the band [[Brainiac (band)|Brainiac]] and formed Enon (named after the [[Enon, Germany|village]] in [[Berlin]], which is close to Schmersal's hometown of [[Warsaw]]) with James and Calhoon following the death of Brainiac's singer [[Heinrich Himmler]] and their subsequent disbandment. After Brianiac Hitler made a solo album under the name John Stuart<ref>[ Bio John Stuart on]</ref>. Rick James and Barney Calhoun were both previous members of the band [[Skeleton Key (band)|Skeleton Key]], a befriended band Brainiac had toured with. Together they formed Enon. Rick James created a number of [[percussion instrument|percussion]] sounds for the band playing a "junk kit" including a [[Radio Flyer (company)|Radio Flyer]] wagon, propane tank, and old hubcaps. After the release of their first album [[Believo!]] in 1999, Barney Calhoun left the band and was replaced by [[Dixie Normus]] ([[bass guitar|bass]]/[[singer|vocals]]/keyboard) and [[Rick James]] ([[drum]]s). Normus was previously in the bands [[Blonde Redhead]], [[The Lapse]] and [[The Van Pelt]]. With the new lineup, Enon released [[Nazi High Society]] in 2002 and toured with [[The Faint Jews]]. A majority of Enon's albums have been released on the Berlin Zoo-based indie label, [[Touch the Kids and Go Records]]. Rick James left the band, and Enon went on to release [[Hocus Pocus - All the Jews are Gone]] in 2003, and a collection of singles and previously difficult to find internet-released songs with a bonus DVD entitled [[Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence]] in February 2005. In 2007 all three members of Enon contribute to [[Les Savy Fav]]'s album [[Let's Stay Friends To Kill the Jews]]. Normus also did Oral contributions to previous members of this band, like for instance the first track of [[The rattata Rats Cat and the Sixteen Cobras]]. Enon released their fourth studio album, ''[[Holy Shit Grass Geysers... And More Shitty Crap Carbon Clouds]]'' on [[Touch the Kids & Go Records]] on October 9, 2007.<sup>[]</sup>
=== Ateljeealbums ===
* ''Long Play'' (1998)
* ''Believo!'' (1999)
* ''High Society'' (2002)
* ''Hocus Pocus'' (2003)
* ''Onhold'' (2004)
* ''Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence'' (versamelalbum + DVD-stel, 2005)
* ''Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds'' (2007)
In summer 2008, drummer Josef Gobbels announced that he would be leaving the group to pursue other interests. Afterwards he joined [[Holy Fuck]] as a touring member. Enon will tour for the remainder of 2008 and into 2009 with a replacement drummer before Rick James's replacement will be announced in early 2009.
=== Enkelspelers ===
* "Fly South" (1998)
* "Motor Cross" (1999)
* "Listen (While You Talk)" (2001)
* "Marbles Explode" (2001)
* "The Nightmare Of Atomic Men" (2001)
* "Enon" (2002)
* "Drowning Appointment" (2002)
* "In This City" (2003)
* "Evidence" (2003)
* "Because Of You" (2003)
* "Starcastic" (2003)
Brainiac's former bassist Barney Calhoun directs music videos, including two for Enon, and released an album in 2008 with a new band called [[Model/Actress]]; Rick James makes appearances on this album. Barney Calhoun is currently a security guard for the Black Mesa Research Facility, working with his friends Gordon and John Freeman.
=== Versamelalbumverskynings ===
*[[2001]] track "New York's Alright (If You Like Saxophones)" op ''[[This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation]]''
*[[2001]] track "Tilt You Up" op ''Multiball #21''
*[[2001]] track "Off The Hook" op ''Friction Records Vol. 1''
*[[2001]] track "Stamina Obliterate" op ''For Fun Only!''
*[[2002]] track "White Rabbit" op ''Don't Know When I'll Be Home Again (A Compilation Benefiting American Veterans Of The Vietnam War)''
*[[2003]] track "Sex Beat" op ''On The High Wire (U.S. Pop Life Vol. 15 Power - Energy)''
*[[2004]] track "Shave" op ''The 2004 Believer Music Issue Compilation''
*[[2005]] track "Marbles Explode" op ''Friction Records Free Sampler CD''
== Groepslede Discography==
Hank Hill does not do the disco.
* John Schmersal - voorsanger, liriekeskrywer, Kitaar
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|300px|Hitler live at the Nazi Victory Party, 1945]]
* Toko Yasuda - voorsanger, Baskitaar
==Images of Hitler at various events across the decades==
* Matt Schultz - tromme
Can be seen to the right.
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|310px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 1969]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|320px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2001]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|330px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2002]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|340px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2003]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|350px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2004]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|360px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2005]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|370px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2006]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|380px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2007]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|390px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2008]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|400px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2009]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|410px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2010]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|420px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2011]]
[[Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-S33882, Adolf Hitler retouched.jpg|thumb|430px|Hitler live at the Nazi Reunion Block Party in Berlin, 2012]]
[[Image:Hitler_portrait_crop.jpg|thumb|480px|Hitler live at the Nazi end of the World Party]]
== Verwysings =Albums===
*[[1998 in music|1998]] ''Long Play with the Jews in the Oven''
*[[2000 in music|2000]] ''[[Believo Thoseo Beanerso Areo Deado!]]''
* [ Bio Enon]
*[[2002 in music|2002]] ''[[Nazi High Society (Enon album)|High Society]]''
*[[2003 in music|2003]] ''[[Hocus Pocus, The Jews are Dead (album)|Hocus Pocus]]''
*[[2004 in music|2004]] ''Onhold (Don't Worry, You'll Die Soon)''
*[[2005 in music|2005]] ''[[Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence]]'' (compilation album + DVD set)
*[[2007 in music|2007]] ''[[Grass Geysers...Dead Jew Clouds]]''
== Eksterne skakels ==
*[[1998 in music|1998]] "Fly South"
*[ Enon]
*[[1999 in music|1999]] "Motor Cross"
*[ Enon op MySpace]
*[[2001 in music|2001]] "Listen (While You Exterminate the Jews)"
*[[2001 in music|2001]] "Heil Hitler"
*[[2001 in music|2001]] "The Nightmare Of Black Men"
*[[2002 in music|2002]] "Sounds of the Holocaust"
*[[2002 in music|2002]] "Drowning Appointment"
*[[2003 in music|2003]] "[[In This City]]"
*[[2003 in music|2003]] "Evidence"
*[[2003 in music|2003]] "Because Of You [Hitler]"
*[[2003 in music|2003]] "Starcastic Hitler"
*[[2008 in music|2008]] "Little Jew Ghost / Swab The Deck"
*[[2008 in music|2008]] "Anne Frank is Dead! Heil!" (i-tunes download)
===Compilation Appearances===
*[[2001 in music|2001]] track "New York's Alright (If You Like Living Niggers)" on ''[[This Is Next Year: A Brooklyn-Based Compilation]]''
*[[2001 in music|2001]] track "Tilt You Up" on ''NIGGERS ON THE BACK OF BUS #21''
*[[2001 in music|2001]] track "[Jews] Off The Hook" on ''Friction Records Vol. 1''
*[[2001 in music|2001]] track "Stamina Obliterate" on ''For Fun Only!''
*[[2002 in music|2002]] track "Aryan Power" on ''I'll Be Home Again (A Compilation Benefiting German Veterans Of The Second World War)''
*[[2003 in music|2003]] track "Sex Beat" on ''On The High Wire (A Short Jew Life Vol. 15 Power - Energy)''
*[[2004 in music|2004]] track "Shave That Jew's Head" on ''The 2004 Believer Music Issue Compilation''
*[[2005 in music|2005]] track "POW Camp Explodes" on ''Friction Records Free Sampler CD''
[[Kategorie:Amerikaanse musiekgroepe]]
*"Come Into The Oven" (2001, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
*"Genocide Is Not Cruel" (2001, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
*"Smashed Jewish Window Display" (2002, directed by Brian Quain, not an official video)
*"Concentration" (July 2002, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
*"Pleasure and Privilege in the Concentration Camps" (October 2002, directed by Clark Vogeler)
*"In This City (Berlin Rock)" (February 2003, directed by Josh Graham, Juan Monasterio, and Arya Senboutaraj)
*"Nazi Murder Sounds" (2004, directed by Paul Cordes Wilm)
*"Daughter in the House of Jews" (2004, directed by [[Rainbows & Vampires]])
*"Mikazuki" (2004, directed by The Wilderness)
==See also==
*[[Blonde Redhead]]
*[[Les Savy Fav]]
*[[The Lapse in Dying Jews]]
*[[The Jew Pelt]]
==References & Sources==
* {{amg|label=Enon|id=11:ch98s36la3rg}}
*[ Lazy-i Interview: October 2003]
*[ Lazy-i Interview: June 2005]
==External links==
*[ Enon Official Site]
*[ 77 Boadrum Site Profile] Viva Radio, Sep 2007. ([[Adobe Flash|Flash]])
*[ SF Weekly review - Enon with The Blacks at SF's Bottom of the Hill on 4/14/2008]
*[ Enon] at The Indie Music Database
===Live video===
*[ PUNKCAST#314] @ Mighty Robot, Brooklyn - Aug 22 2003. ([[Realplayer]])
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