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What exactly is the correct Afrikaans name? My dorling kindersley Atlas calls them '''Prins Eduard-eiland''', with only one hyphen and spelt ''eduard''. Similarly [[Prins-Edward-Eiland]] in Kanada, is spelt as '''Eduard'''. I tried looking on Beeld, and there's no mention of the islands, under any heading! Although it talks of "Marion-eiland" in the correct context[]. Groete :) [[Gebruiker:Africa South|Bezuidenhout]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Africa South|kontak]]) 19:49, 30 Maart 2011 (UTC)
: According[][][] (Flash pages) to ''Weg'', a reputable travel magazine published in Afrikaans, and also according[] to [[Mieliestronk]], '''Prins Eduard-eiland''' is the correct form. Note the singularity and the single hyphen. I know from school that compound nouns constructed of a proper noun consisting of more than one word, and another noun, are written as PN1 PN2-CN, where the PN1 and PN2 are parts of the proper noun and CN is some noun such as a common noun, even though PN1-PN2-CN is also accepted.  — [[Gebruiker:Adriaan|Adriaan]] ([[Gebruikerbespreking:Adriaan|Bespreking]] • [[Spesiaal:Contributions/Adriaan|Bydraes]]) 20:24, 30 Maart 2011 (UTC)
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