Verskil tussen weergawes van "Grootteordes (lengte)"

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Image:Wide panorama 1e-15 to 1e-7.png||none|frame|ClickableKlikbare imageprente. TheDie thumbnailsprente rangestrek leftvan tolinks na rightregs fromvan 1e-15m totot 1e-7m. [[:Image:Wide panorama 1e-15 to 1e-7.png|(ImagePrent descriptionbeskrywing)]]
rect 0 0 74 59 [[w:1 E-15 m|1 E-15m - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: left is 1e-15m, right is 1e-8m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image.]]
rect 75 0 149 59 [[w:1 E-14 m|1 E-14 m]]
<div id="1E-15"/>
|rowspan=3|[[1 femtometrefemtometer|10<sup>−15</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[femtometrefemtometer]] (fm)
|1.5 fm
|sizegrootte ofvan an'n 11 MeV [[proton]]<ref name="Nav">{{cite web |author=Carl R. Nave |url= |title= Scattering Cross Section |accessdate=2009-02-10}}
(diameter of the [[Cross section (physics)|Scattering Cross Section]] of an 11 MeV [[proton]] with a target proton)<!-- To verify, use online form with these figures: Z=1 KE=11 A=1 and obtain cross section of 1.758 fm^2; use Area=Pi*R^2 to derive diameter (2R) --></ref>
|2.81794 fm
|[[classicalKlassieke electronelektron radius]]<ref>[[National Institute of Standards and Technology|NIST]]. [ CODATA Value: classical electron radius]. Retrieved 2009-02-10</ref>
|scaleskaal ofvan thedie [[atomic nucleusatoomkern]]<ref name="Burgess_and_Quevedo"/><ref>{{cite web |title=The Scale of the Universe |url= |author=H. E. Smith |publisher=[[University of California, San Diego|UCSD]] |quote=~10<sup>-13</sup>cm |accessdate=2009-02-10}}</ref>
<div id="1E-12"/>
|rowspan=3|[[1 picometrepikometer|10<sup>−12</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[picometrepikometer]] (pm)
|longestlangste [[wavelengthgolflengte]] ofvan [[gamma raygammastraal|gammastrale]]s
|2.4 pm
|[[Compton wavelengthgolflengte]] ofvan [[electronelektron]]
|5 pm
|golflengte van korste [[x-straal|x-strale]]
|wavelength of shortest [[X-ray]]s
|rowspan=3|[[10 picometrespikometers|10<sup>−11</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|10 pm
|25 pm
|radius ofvan [[hydrogen atomwaterstof]] atoom
|31 pm
|radius ofvan [[helium]] atomatoom
|53 pm
|[[Bohr radius]]
|rowspan=3|[[100 picometrespikometers|10<sup>−10</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|[[100 picometrespikometers|100 pm]]
|100 pm (0.1&nbsp;nm)
|1 [[Angstrom|Ångström]] (also [[covalentkovalente radius]] ofvan 'n [[sulfur​​swael]] atomatoom<ref>{{cite web |author=Mark Winter |title=WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements / Sulfur / Radii |url= |year=2008 |accessdate=2008-12-06}}</ref>)
|154 pm (0.154&nbsp;nm)
|lengthlengte ofvan a typical'n [[covalentkovalente bondverbinding]] ([[carbonkoolstof|C]]–C).
|500 pm (0.50&nbsp;nm)
|widthwydte ofvan [[proteinproteïen]] [[alphaalfa helixhelikshelixheliks]]
<div id="1E-9"/>
|rowspan=3|[[1 nanometrenanometer|10<sup>−9</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[nanometrenanometer]] (nm)
|diameter ofvan a'n [[carbonkoolstof nanotubenanobuis]]<ref>{{Cite journal |first=E. |last=Flahaut | coauthors=Bacsa R, Peigney A, Laurent C. |year=2003 |title=Gram-Scale CCVD Synthesis of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes |journal=Chemical Communications |volume=12 | pages=1442–1443 |url= |doi=10.1039/b301514a |accessdate=2008-11-14 |pmid=12841282 |issue=12}}</ref>
|SmallestKleinste [[transistor]] [[GateHek (transistor)|gatehek]] oxide thickness [[microprocessor]]s (as of Jan 2007)
|thicknessdikte ofvan 'n [[cellsel membranemembraan]]
|rowspan=3|[[10 nanometresnanometers|10<sup>−8</sup>]]
|thicknessdikte ofvan 'n [[cellsel wallwand]] in [[Gram staining-kleuring|gram]]-negativenegatiewe [[bacteriabakterieë]]{{Citation needed|date=February 2009}}
|extreme [[ultraviolet]] wavelengthgolflengte
|[[HIVMIV|HumanMenslike immunodeficiency virusImmuniteitsgebreksvirus (HIVMIV)]] (generally, [[virus]]es range in sizegroottes fromvan 20&nbsp;nm to 450&nbsp;nm)
|rowspan=3|[[100 nanometresnanometers|10<sup>−7</sup>]]
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie [[lyman-alpha line]]<ref name="ber">Cohn, J. [[University of California, Berkeley]] [ Lyman alpha systems and cosmology]. Retrieved 2009-02-21</ref>
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan [[violet (color)|violet]] light—seelig — sien [[colorkleur]] anden [[opticalsigbare spectrumspektrum]]<ref name="hyp">[ Color]</ref>
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan redrooi lightlig<ref name="hyp"/>