Verskil tussen weergawes van "Grootteordes (lengte)"

|1–3 µm
|particlegrootte sizewat that a'n [[surgicalchirurgiese maskmasker]] removesdeeltjies verwyder teen at'n 80–95% efficiencydoeltreffendheid{{Citation needed|date=December 2008}}
|6-8 µm
|diameter ofvan a'n [[red blood cellrooibloedsel]]<ref>{{Cite web | url= | title=Through the Microscope: Blood Cells - Life's Blood | publisher=Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health | accessdate=2011-09-13 }}</ref>
|rowspan=3|[[10 mikrometers|10<sup>−5</sup>]]
|tipiese grootte van mis of water druppels van wolke.
|typical size of a fog, mist or cloud water droplet. Chip [[10 µm process]] in 1971.
|widthwydte ofvan [[acrylicakriliese fibrevesel]]
|bekend as een [[mil]]
|1/1000&nbsp;inch, commonly referred to as one [[Thou (unit of length)|mil]]
|rowspan=3|[[100 mikrometers|10<sup>−4</sup>]]
|widthwydte ofvan a'n strandmens of human hairhaar<ref name="dnaftb">[ DNA From The Beginning, Classical Genetics, section 6: Genes are real things., "Animation" section, final slide]</ref>
|typicaltipiese lengthlengte ofvan ''[[ParameciumPantoffeldiertjes|Paramecium caudatum]]'', a'n ciliategewimperd protist
|maximummaksimum diameter ofvan ''[[Thiomargarita namibiensis]]'', thegrootste largest bacterium ever discoveredbakterie
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|rowspan=3|1 [[millimeter]] (mm)
|afstand tussen die bene van 'n DIP elektroniese komponent
|1/10th inch; distance between pins in [[dual in-line package|DIP]] (dual-inline-package) electronic components
|lengte van 'n algemene [[mier|rooimier]]
|length of average red [[ant]]
|militêre ammunisie grootte
|common military ammunition size
|rowspan=3|[[1 centimetersentimeter|10<sup>−2</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[centimetersentimeter]] (cm)
|lengthlengte ofvan a'n largegroot [[mosquitomuskiet]]
|1 [[inchduim]]
|diameter ofvan a'n [[golf ballbal]]
|rowspan=3|[[1 decimeterdesimeter|10<sup>−1</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[decimeterdesimeter]] (dm)
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie highesthoogste [[Ultra high frequency|UHF]] radio frequencyfrekwensie, 3&nbsp;GHz
|1 [[footVoet (lengthlengtemaat)|footvoet]]
|1 [[yardjaart]]
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|rowspan=3|1 [[meter]]
| 1 m
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie lowestlaagste [[Ultra high frequency|UHF]] and highest [[Veryen highhoogste frequency|VHF]] radio frequencyfrekwensie, 300&nbsp;MHz
|1.7 m (5 feet 7&nbsp;inches)
|algemene lengte van 'n mens
|average height of a human
|8.38 m
|Die lengte van 'n Londen bus
|The length of a London Bus ([[Routemaster]])
|rowspan=3|[[1 dekameter|10<sup>1</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[dekameter]] (dam)
|10 m
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie lowestlaagste [[Very high frequency|VHF]] anden highesthoogste [[shortwavekortgolf]] radio frequencyfrekwensie, 30&nbsp;MHz
|33 m
|lengthlengte ofvan longestdie langste [[blue whaleblouwalvis]] measuredgemeet, thedie largestgrootste animaldier<ref>{{Cite web | url= | title=Animal Records | publisher=Smithsonian National Zoological Park | accessdate=2007-05-29 }}</ref>
|93.47 m
|heighthoogte ofvan thedie [[Statue of Liberty]] (foundation of pedestal to torch)
|rowspan=3|[[1 hectometerhektometer|10<sup>2</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[hectometerhektometer]] (hm)
|100 m
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie lowestlaagste [[shortwavekortgolf]] radioen frequencydie and highesthoogste [[medium wavemediumgolf]] radio frequencyfrekwensie, 3&nbsp;MHz
|137 m (147 m)
|heighthoogte (presentvan and original) of thedie [[GreatGroot PyramidPiramide ofvan Giza]]
|979 m
|hoogte van die [[Engelwaterval]]
|height of the [[Salto Angel]], the world's highest free-falling waterfall ([[Venezuela]])
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|rowspan=3|1 [[kilometer]] (km)
|wavelengthgolflengte ofvan thedie lowestlaagste [[medium wavemediumgolf]] radio frequencyfrekwensie, 300&nbsp;kHz
|1609 m
|1 [[mile|international milemyl]]
|8848 m
|heighthoogte ofvan thedie highesthoogste mountain on earthberg, [[Mount Everest]]
|rowspan=3|[[10 kilometers|10<sup>4</sup>]]<!-- Please consider renaming the obsolete term myriametre to [[10 kilometres (order of magnitude)]] -->
|depthdiepte ofvan deepestdie partdiepste ofdeel thevan oceandie oseaan, [[Mariana Trench-trog]]
|narrowestnouste widthwydte ofvan thedie [[StraitStraat ofvan Gibraltar]], separatingskeiding Europetussen andEuropa Africaen Afrika
|widthwydte ofvan thedie [[Bering StraitBeringstraat]]
|rowspan=3|[[100 kilometers|10<sup>5</sup>]]
|afstand afgelê deur een graad van die [[breedtegraad]] op die aarde se oppervlakte
|distance covered by one degree of [[latitude]] on Earth's surface
|lengthlengte ofvan thedie [[Suez CanalSuezkanaal]]
|greatestgrootste diameter<ref>{{cite journal|first=P. C.|last=Thomas|coauthors=Parker, J. Wm.; McFadden, L. A.; ''et al.''|title=Differentiation of the asteroid Ceres as revealed by its shape|year=2005|journal=Nature|volume=437|pages=224&ndash;226|doi=10.1038/nature03938| bibcode=2005Natur.437..224T|pmid=16148926|issue=7056}}</ref> ofvan thedie dwarf planetdwergplaneet,<ref name="Asteroid-planet?" group=note>The exact [[Solar_System#Terminology|category]] (asteroid, dwarf planet or planet) to which particular solar system objects belong, has been subject to some revision since the discovery of [[extrasolar planet]]s and [[Trans-Neptunian object|trans-Neptunian]] objects</ref> [[Ceres (dwarf planetdwergplaneet)|Ceres]]