Isoelektriese punt

Die iso-elektriese punt (pI, pH (I), IEP) is die pH waarteen 'n bepaalde liggaam geen netto elektriese lading in die statutêre gemiddelde dra nie.

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  • IPC – Isoelectric Point Calculator — calculate protein isoelectric point using over 15 methods
  • prot pi - protein isoelectric point — an online program for calculating pI of proteins (include multiple subunits and posttranslational modifications)
  • CurTiPot — a suite of spreadsheets for computing acid-base equilibria (charge versus pH plot of amphoteric molecules e.g., amino acids)
  • SWISS-2DPAGE — a database of isoelectric points coming from two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (~ 2,000 proteins)
  • Proteome-pI — a proteome isoelectric point database (predicted isoelectric point for all proteins)