Relentless Reckless Forever

Relentless Reckless Forever is 'n album van die Finse Melodic Death Metal musiekgroep Children of Bodom wat in 2011 vrygestel is.

Snitte Wysig

1."Not My Funeral"4:55
2."Shovel Knockout"4:03
3."Roundtrip to Hell and Back"3:48
4."Pussyfoot Miss Suicide"4:10
5."Relentless Reckless Forever"4:42
7."Cry of the Nihilist"3:31
8."Was It Worth It?"4:06
9."Northpole Throwdown"2:55

Albumbesetting Wysig

  • Alexi Laiho
  • Roope Latvala
  • Jaska Raatikainen
  • Henkka Seppälä
  • Janne Wirman