Young Hearts is Juanita du Plessis se debuutalbum. Die album is in 1998 vrygestel en behaal platimumstatus met verkope van meer as 40 000 eenhede.

Young Hearts
van Juanita du Plessis
AteljeeDeon van der Merwe
EtiketMaroela Musiek, Juanita Records
ProdusentJohn Lindemann en Dean Brewer
Juanita du Plessis-chronologie
Young Hearts Ek en Jy

In 2015 word die album heruitgereik deur Juanita se eie platemaatskappy, Juanita Records.

Snitlys wysig

Young Hearts
1."Young Hearts"Juanita du Plessis4:03
2."Do You Wanna Make Something Of It"Anderson/DiPiero2:35
3."Give Me One More Chance"Juanita du Plessis4:42
4."Let Me Lay You Down"Juanita du Plessis3:18
5."Just Say Goodnight"Juanita du Plessis3:52
6."Medley" (A) Every Breath You Take

B) Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit C) What's Up

D) Midnight Special)
A) Sting

B) Forgery C) Simon Tauber/Steve Rodway

D) L Perry
7."Young Hearts (Dance Mix)"Juanita du Plessis4:15
8."Let Me Be The One"Juanita du Plessis4:13
10."When I'm With You"Juanita du Plessis4:37
11."You Don't Know What It's Like"Juanita du Plessis4:58
12."Have We Forgotten What Love Is"C Bernard/G Williams3:47
13."He's Gone For Good"Juanita du Plessis4:52
14."If I Could Only Find The Words"Juanita du Plessis4:24
Totale speeltyd:61:05