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My name is Jasper Coenraats. I am usually working active on the Dutch Wikipedia project, but once in a while I use the African project as an information source and sometimes I leave suggestions at talk pages about the Dutch and German languages. It's possible that I find some irregularities, and then I post my opinion on a discussion page. I would like to ask you to interpret this as positive feedback. Wikipedia works, especially because of (international) cooperation between individuals.

Due to my restricted command of the African language, I will not actively contribute on to articles. I hope you'll understand. Should you feel the need to respond, or to give feedback, please feel free.

And finally, if you have any questions about Dutch or wider European history, psychology/psychiatry or sexually related matters, you might ask me. I am currently taking training in pedagogy and social work and I have work experience with people who suffer psychiatric disorders and I am also familiar with the psychology sub-discipline concerned with sexuality.

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