Interwiki edit of GNUWysig

Hi, Jan. What's with this edit? The interwikis you removed seem to be valid. Anrie (kontak) 13:09, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)

I don't think it's a good idea to run a bot on a main user account like this. I already warned him once at his account talk page, and I reckon further use of the bot running on his main account to evade the block of his bot account, should lead to a block of his main account too. --EivindJ (kontak) 13:12, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)
If it is true that he is running a bot from his main user account, then, yes, he most assuredly will be blocked. Are you sure that this is what he is doing, and that he's not changing the interwikis by hand? Anrie (kontak) 13:15, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)
I drew my conclusion from this edit and his latest edit to the GNU article. Also, using the same oppsomming on all contributions, regardless of whether he is removing or adding, indicates a bot. It is as easy as one, two, three to make the bot run on a main account, and his reply on his talk page did not really convince me otherwise. --EivindJ (kontak) 13:23, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)
Sorry, I replied at cs fist.
It is not true I run bot from my personal account.
GNU: there are two articles: GNU and Gnu Project on several wikis. So I repaired it.
Here is part of bot's log:
======Post-processing [[cs:GNU Projekt]]======
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:pl
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:ar
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:id
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:en
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:it
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:fr
ERROR: Found more than one link for wikipedia:de
See [1] and [2]
JAn Dudík (kontak) 14:20, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)
These interwikis needs to be merged together, since they're all about the same thing, as one easily can see by taking a look at them. --EivindJ (kontak) 14:27, 10 Junie 2008 (UTC)

Alphabetical interwikisWysig

Hi, Jan

Please try to keep interwikis alphabetical: I notice that you tend to simply add a few at the bottom (see [3] and [4]). Doing it this way greatly diminishes their usefulness. Anrie (kontak) 13:01, 12 Junie 2008 (UTC)

If there are two new, is no problem, but so much - bot would sort it. I try it. JAn Dudík (kontak) 13:02, 12 Junie 2008 (UTC)

Verkeerde interwiki skakelsWysig

Hierdie bot van jou maak lekker droog. Sien byvoorbeeld Digtheid, waar jou bot nou net "[[af:Digtheid]]" bygesit het! Groete. Frank (kontak) 13:46, 25 Junie 2008 (UTC)

That's probably because it wasn't his bot that did it, but himself. I reckon. --Eivind (kontak) 21:25, 25 Junie 2008 (UTC)