Laat asseblief boodskappe op my besprekingsblad. Groete Frank (kontak) 20:35, 28 Junie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

You have begun operating this bot on the English Wikipedia. You have not received authorization for such a bot, however. Please go through the proper procedures to do so. The account will be blocked in the meantime. Daniel Case 22:33, 28 Junie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Will do, thanks Daniel. The bot only performed a single supervised update on en.wp. I'll wait for approval before using it again. Best regards. Frank (kontak) 05:58, 29 Junie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Could you make it so on the 'recent changes' that this becomes a bot, because I say 'hide bots' but Naudefjbot keeps coming up.

Ek sal aansoek doen vir bot status. Groete. Frank (kontak) 16:25, 29 Junie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Bot errorWysig

Hello Naudefjbot, Please make sure your bot doesn't edit pages any more with {{Nobots}} on it. It is there not for nothing, your bot messed up our front page because of this! Greetings - Romaine (kontak) 14:37, 31 Januarie 2013 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Will do. Sorry!

Wikidata is here; please disable any interwiki bots on the English WikipediaWysig


Wikidata has been deployed to the English Wikipedia. Going forward, Wikidata will manage interwiki links. Further information: m:Wikidata/Deployment Questions and <>.

Important note: Bots that continue to add, remove, or update interwiki links on the English Wikipedia may be blocked from editing after Saturday, February 16, 2013.

If you are running pywikipedia's, please update to pyrev:11073 which will automatically prevent your bot from updating links on this wiki.

If you have any questions, please ask at the bot owners' noticeboard. Thank you for your past work maintaining interwiki links. It has been very appreciated and we're looking forward to an even brighter future with Wikidata. Legoktm (kontak) 10:26, 14 Februarie 2013 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]