Hierdie is 'n robot se besprekingsblad. Indien 'n boodskap op hierdie bladsy vir die robot se eienaar gelos word, is dit nodig om hom daarvan te verwittig by en:User talk:Synthebot.

This is the talk page of a robot. If you leave a message for the owner of the bot on this page, you will need to inform him of the message at en:User talk:Synthebot.

Temporary blocking wysig

Your bot has been blocked temporarily, seeing as how our Recent Changes page has become useless due to a flooding of bot activity by bots without flags. This makes it nearly impossible to spot vandalism or review other users' contributions. Please refrain from running your bot for the next week or two, we are currently reviewing all bot requests and will be granting/denying botstatus as per the community's decision in the near future. Anrie 22:42, 16 Februarie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Dear Anrie, the bot activity will be suspended to avoid the flooding in recent changes. Please, notice me when it can run again. Thank you in advance. Regards, --Julian 11:07, 17 Februarie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]
Thank you for understanding. We hope to have this resolved within the next week - you will be notified as soon as your status has been changed. Anrie 11:12, 17 Februarie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Botstatus given wysig

You have been given botstatus. Happy interwiki-ing! Anrie 11:58, 18 Februarie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Thank you very much. Regards, --Julian 21:26, 18 Februarie 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Undoing of message removal wysig

Hi, Julian. I undid this edit. It is very important that we can keep track of our communications regarding your bot's local activity *here*, instead of having to waste time searching for relevant information on the English talk page. I will add a notice that you need to be informed there whenever a message is left for you here. Anrie 12:59, 4 Maart 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]

Ok. Regards, --Julian 13:14, 4 Maart 2008 (UTC)Beantwoord[antwoord]