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de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.

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I'm an Austrian SUL-user from Vienna, and my Christian name is Wolfgang.

I am sorry that I do not understand your language, but in case I happen to find any wikipedia pages lacking a link to commons, or a picture which I might provide, I might nevertheless from time to time be active even in projects where I'm unable to understand the language.

Please do not talk here.

You will be welcome at my home, which is COMMONS, or when addressing me by wikimail in any of the languages I can read+write.

Best, [w.] 12:38, 22 Junie 2009 (UTC)

Vocabulary and tags for future copy+paste useWysig

This section is going to be created, as I will pass by this project but rarely, and would probably forget about essentials, meanwhile.
Besides: Not any-and-all projects allow same tags&templates.

Native speakers are invited and encouraged to correct any mistakes and to replace any ??? by correct terms.

Thanks, [w.] 12:38, 22 Junie 2009 (UTC)

  • upright=x.y tag works.
  • {{Commonscat|xyz}} works.
  • References: == Verwysings ==
  • External links: == Eksterne skakels ==