Temporary blocking of XqbotWysig

Hi, Xqt. I temporarily blocked your bot since it was running without a bot flag. Please consider applying for global botstatus, which will automatically grant you botstatus for this wiki as well. Anrie (kontak) 09:25, 4 Januarie 2009 (UTC)

I requested global bot status here. Thus there should be a automatic approval as described here I did some edits without bot flag. Of cause some of the toolservers are down, I didn't realized that the number of edit reached 100 on the SUL account here. Sorry therefore. I now deactivated my bot access to the af:-wiki. Would you please deactivate blocking my bot because global bot status could be rejected in blocked status. Thank you and sorry for this mistake. --Xqt (kontak) 11:42, 4 Januarie 2009 (UTC)
I just saw that blocking is only for one day. It is ok. I start bots access to af:-wiki only if global bot status ist granted. Thanks --Xqt (kontak) 11:51, 4 Januarie 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for the quick reply and willingness to cooperate. I've unblocked the bot now - good luck with obtaining a global flag! Anrie (kontak) 11:55, 4 Januarie 2009 (UTC)