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Etiket: 2017-bronwysiging
Etiket: 2017-bronwysiging
[[Lêer:Anti-Mormon protest (41595780931).jpg|duimnael|300px|Salt Lake Vice: Give 'em what they're calling for!]]
[[Lêer:Lucifer na Mikulášské nadílce v Písku.jpg|duimnael|300px|What can I do for you and your friends, Voyageur?]]
[[Lêer:Aerial view of Harbor sinkhole (24573370852).jpg|duimnael|300px|The offenders are usually lowered down to a more appropriate level, although this procedure is regarded as a public nuisance as it leaves holes to be filled in]]
* [ ''The Guardian & Jimmy Kimmel'']
* Kamala Harris - too liberal? We had a revolution, man. How liberal is that? It's even revolutionary, full of Constitutional Utopianism. Driven by ordinary people. That's Socialist. It feels just like Continental Cuba. Pence: Fails this section.
=== Home Evening Assigments ===
[[Lêer:President Vacations at Hammersmith Farm. President Kennedy at the wheel of the Coast Guard Yacht "Manitou".... - NARA - 194211.tif|duimnael|links|President John F. Kennedy at the wheel of the Coast Guard yacht ''Manitou'' in 1962]]