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|rowspan=3|[[1 micrometremikrometer|10<sup>−6</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[micrometremikrometer]] (µm)
|alsoword calledook oneeen [[micronmikron]] genoem
|diameter of a [[red blood cell]]<ref>{{Cite web | url= | title=Through the Microscope: Blood Cells - Life's Blood | publisher=Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health | accessdate=2011-09-13 }}</ref>
|rowspan=3|[[10 micrometresmikrometers|10<sup>−5</sup>]]
|1/1000&nbsp;inch, commonly referred to as one [[Thou (unit of length)|mil]]
|rowspan=3|[[1100 myriometremikrometers|10<sup>−4</sup>]]
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|rowspan=3|[[1 millimetremillimeter|10<sup>−3</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[millimetremillimeter]] (mm)
|1/10th inch; distance between pins in [[dual in-line package|DIP]] (dual-inline-package) electronic components
|common military ammunition size
|rowspan=3|[[1 centimetrecentimeter|10<sup>−2</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[centimetrecentimeter]] (cm)
|length of a large [[mosquito]]
|diameter of a [[golf ball]]
|rowspan=3|[[1 decimetredecimeter|10<sup>−1</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[decimetredecimeter]] (dm)
|wavelength of the highest [[Ultra high frequency|UHF]] radio frequency, 3&nbsp;GHz
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|rowspan=3|[[1 metremeter|10<sup>0</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[metremeter]]
| 1 m
|wavelength of the lowest [[Ultra high frequency|UHF]] and highest [[Very high frequency|VHF]] radio frequency, 300&nbsp;MHz
|The length of a London Bus ([[Routemaster]])
|rowspan=3|[[1 decametredekameter|10<sup>1</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[decametredekameter]] (dam)
|10 m
|wavelength of the lowest [[Very high frequency|VHF]] and highest [[shortwave]] radio frequency, 30&nbsp;MHz
|height of the [[Statue of Liberty]] (foundation of pedestal to torch)
|rowspan=3|[[1 hectometrehectometer|10<sup>2</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[hectometrehectometer]] (hm)
|100 m
|wavelength of the lowest [[shortwave]] radio frequency and highest [[medium wave]] radio frequency, 3&nbsp;MHz
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|rowspan=3|[[1 kilometrekilometer|10<sup>3</sup>]]
|rowspan=3|1 [[kilometrekilometer]] (km)
|wavelength of the lowest [[medium wave]] radio frequency, 300&nbsp;kHz
|height of the highest mountain on earth, [[Mount Everest]]
|rowspan=3|[[110 myriametrekilometers|10<sup>4</sup>]]<!-- Please consider renaming the obsolete term myriametre to [[10 kilometres (order of magnitude)]] -->
|width of the [[Bering Strait]]
|rowspan=3|[[100 kilometreskilometers|10<sup>5</sup>]]