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# Te-Wen Chang and Louis Weinstein, "Prevention of Herpes Keratoconjunctivitis in Rabbits By Silver Sulfadiazine" Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1975 Desember; 8(6): 677–678. PMID 429446
# AGC Flat Glass Europe launches world’s first antibacterial glass (04-09-2007).
# Samsung laundry featuring SilverCare Technology. Samsung. RetrievedBesoek onop 06-08-2007.
# "Ultra-Fresh technology is based on the power of silver to fight bacteria". Express Textile.
# FDA Clears Silver-Coated Breathing Tube For Marketing (08-11-2007). RetrievedBesoek onop 11-11-2007.
# Slawson, R. Van Dyke, M. Lee, H. Trevors "Germanium and Silver Resistance, Accumulation and Toxicity in Microorganisms" Plasmid 27, 72-79 (1992)
# Silver Cash daily plot.
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