Hi user:Japan Football!

Would you mind to use the style I'm using on your footballers' articles? Just leave out the "prefektuur" in place names, e.g. "Saitama prefektuur" please only write "Saitama"...most of the town names already exist and are correctly linked on this wiki.

Thanks, Aliwal2012 (kontak) 10:47, 13 Maart 2016 (UTC)

Do you have a knowledge of prefecture and city (en:Cities of Japan) of Japan? "Prefecture (都 to, 道 , 府 fu and 県 ken)" is not "City (市 shi)". Japan (country) have 47 prefectures. These prefectures have many cities, towns and villages.
For example, Saitama is "Saitama-City", not "Saitama-Prefektuur (en)". Saitama-Prefektuur have 40 cities. Saitama-City is one of them. So, Saitama is "Saitama-City" in "Saitama-Prefektuur". e.g. Hirosjima (Hiroshima-shi), Kioto (Kyōto-shi), Osaka (Ōsaka-shi)... are too. They are city (市 shi), not prefecture.
For example, Takaji Mori. You removed "Prefekture' (Hiroshima Prefektuur → Hiroshima). But, he was not born in Hirosjima (this is Hiroshima-City). He was born in Fukuyama-City (en) in Hiroshima Prefektuur (en). Thanks. --Japan Football (kontak) 15:29, 13 Maart 2016 (UTC)
Understood, thanks! I just wanted to clear up the red links. Aliwal2012 (kontak) 15:56, 13 Maart 2016 (UTC)

Blokkering van gebruiker:Japan FootballWysig

Hi Japan Football!

You have been blocked on the Afrikaans wiki for creating hundreds of stubs on football-related articles with no importance or relationship to sport in South Africa (or Namibia) where Afrikaans is being read and spoken. It can be viewed as a means of spamming the Afrikaans wiki, a wikipedia where much more emphasis is placed on quality than quantity of articles created. You are welcome to return and contribute positively if you have more content to add to your Japanese football-articles.

Kind regards, "Die perd se bek" --Aliwal2012 (kontak) 16:11, 29 Desember 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I added some content like this. --Japan Football (kontak) 03:09, 6 Februarie 2017 (UTC)
The stuff you have added is worth nothing as it is a replica of the category info. Refrain from continuing so that the Afrikaans Wiki Community can discuss this. Regards. Oesjaar (kontak) 05:16, 6 Februarie 2017 (UTC)

I have now permanently blocked Japan Football on af.wiki because of evidence of continued cross-wiki spam. (See talks on Western Frisian Wiki) Groete, --Aliwal2012 (kontak) 10:23, 1 Julie 2017 (UTC)