Jongste opmerking: 13 jaar gelede deur JCIV in onderwerp Wes Sahara
Argief Hierdie bladsy dien as 'n argief van ou besprekings. Moenie die inhoud van hierdie bladsy wysig nie. Indien u 'n nuwe bespreking wil begin, of by een van die oues hieronder wil aansluit, doen asseblief so voort op die huidige besprekingsblad.


I don't think you know this but the Sjabloon:NUMBER OF VIEWS NUMBER OF VIEWS is defunct and no longer works. 15:42, 7 Januarie 2010 (UTC)

Dear Ben, thank you. I have copied the box from an userpage and thought, that all works. Best regards, -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 16:45, 7 Januarie 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord

Wes Sahara

Hello, Die probleeme is die vertaling en die neutraliteit: "Al-Jumhūrīyâ al-Arabīyâ as-Sahrāwīyâ ad-Dīmuqrātīyâ" is nie "Wes Sahara" nie, maar is die SADR. Jy kan 'n aparte artikel maak, oor SADR. Dankie. :) Omar-Toons (kontak) 21:39, 18 Julie 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord

There is no problem, because there is only one article about the Western Sahara like the other omstrede gebiede Cabinda (provinsie), Kosowo, Palestynse Grondgebiede, Puntland, Somaliland or Turkse Republiek van Noord-Siprus. If you have trouble with the article about the Western Sahara, then you should write the article about the Western Sahara Republik. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 19:36, 19 Julie 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
Since the article you're contributing on is about Western Sahara, not the SADR, please keep it about the same subject.
It is absolutely illogical to ask somebody to create an article about the SADR while putting information about the SADR on the WS article, not? Please... we're not idiots...
-- Omar-Toons (kontak) 19:55, 8 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
I think, you doesn't understand the article. This article describes the Sahrawi Arabiese Demokratiese Republiek, not the Western Sahara. You say, I have to write an article about the SADR, but you don't say, how I can avoid redundancy with this article. So, what should I write within? And what do you mean with WP:NPOV? Things like "Non à la scission du Sahara occidental - Le Sahara occidental est marocain.", "Légitimité d'Israël - Je reconnais la légitimité de l’État d’Israël.", "Souveraineté de la Palestine - Je suis pour une Palestine indépendante.", "Je suis pour la création d'un état afrikaner indépendant." or "Non à l'ONU - Comme le général de Gaulle, je qualifie l'ONU de « machin »". from your french Userpage?! I know, you absolutely disclaim an indepent western sahara, so you should read en:Wikipedia:Conflict of interest. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 15:30, 9 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
Dude! I'm talking about the article and you're talking about my user page? Are you serious?
Btw, on en:wiki and, I'm participating with a NPOV, even for Western Sahara (despite my POV), Palestine (despite my POV) or Taiwan (and there are too many others): All these territories are in dispute and claimed by more than one government, then putting information of one side of the dispute without the one of the other side is clearly POV. I revert all POVs, even the ones agreeing with my opinions, but you don't seem to be able to do so.
Read the TITLE: "Wes Sahara", then it describes the territory known as Western Sahara, nie die Sahrawi Republiek nie. Is it too hard to understand?
-- Omar-Toons (kontak) 16:52, 9 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
Easygoing please, I see, this topic is from personal interest for you... I'm talking about the content of the article, not about the title. Do you understand the content? Look for the word "Land" in the article. 'n Land is Frankryk. To descripe a territorium, there should be "gebied" like "omstrede gebied". Only a land can be member from the African Union and not an territorium. So you should change the title or the content, but not other things! Why do you want a State-Infobox for an gebied like now? The best way is to change the title to "Sahrawi Arabiese Demokratiese Republiek" and the interwikilinks. Anything else makes no sense! Now the article is a mixture from both. Do you have any proposals to solve this problem? -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 17:08, 9 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
You can change the title then, but don't make a mixup.
You can start a discussion on the article's discussion page.
-- Omar-Toons (kontak) 20:07, 9 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
OK, I did a proposal and if you agree I will do it today. -- JCIV (Besprekings | Bydraes) 16:07, 10 Augustus 2010 (UTC)Beantwoord
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