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The Afrikaans Wikipedia has been in existence since December 2001 and already contains 117 277 articles. From the beginning of the project, the users have drawn up a number of guidelines and principles for article editing and mutual collaboration. Newcomers can benefit from this. You may find it helpful to follow some of the links in this box and become familiar with the project before you start contributing. If your fingers are itching to experiment, feel free to visit our Sandbox: it's there for a reason. Ultimately, we want all our users to feel free to go their way, but of course it does no harm to get a little grip before jumping into the deep end! Please also visit our chat corner, our users are ready to lend a hand.
The first of Wikipedia's three core policies
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The second of Wikipedia's three core policies
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The third of Wikipedia's three core policies
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What Wikipedia is not
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Tips for writing a good article
Sometimes the name says it all

This page, which is now displayed on your screen, is in fact your personal discussion page. The place where other Wikipedians can contact you in the future and you can then answer them. Every user has such a page. So you can also leave messages on other users' talk pages. Always end messages and discussions with ~~~~ or by clicking on the signature button in the edit window: this will sign your message with your username and the date and time the message was sent. Finally, click "Publiseer bladsy" (publish edits) to save any edits.

If you do not speak, read, or write Afrikaans, please add {{Gebruiker af-0}} to your user page, or use Babel (in Afrikaans or English) to suit your language needs.